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Simon Cowell, the Man we Love to Hate had Struggles

shutterstock_91666094Simon Phillip Cowell is a renowned television personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He was a judge in talent shows such as Pop Idol, American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, and the X Factor. Crude, raw, harsh, unfiltered and controversial are just some of the words to describe Cowell’s remarks as a judge in these shows. Despite the notorious reputation, he is the man people trust in the industry because he has produced music from his record label, Syco, and has collaborated with the best artists of this generation such as Westlife, One Direction, Little Mix, Il Divo, and Leona Lewis. Being known as one of the most influential people to shape the media industry and the man the world loves to hate, he has labored through a couple of obstacles in his life because his attitude usually back fires at him.


Simon Cowell’s mother, Julie Brett, was a ballet dancer and a socialite while his father, Eric Phillip Cowell, was an estate developer and a music industry executive. When Simon Cowell was young, he was expelled from various schools due to his rebellious behavior. He attended Dover College but dropped out at 16 because he was not disinterested with academics. His father would arrange numerous job interviews for him to go to, but he just simply found it tedious. He got a job as a runner in the set of the movie “The Shining” but had to resign because he could not get along quite well with people. They usually had a problem with him or they would find him annoying.  With the aid of his father, Cowell finally landed a job and began working as a mailroom clerk of EMI Music Publishing; but left the job temporarily due to the lack of employment advancement. Cowell explored other jobs before finding his way back to EMI.


His rise to fame began in 2001 as he produced and judged a British show called Pop Idol. The show was an immediate hit having more than 10,000 people auditioning for the show. Cowell once again had the opportunity to judge in the US’ version, American Idol, with music icons Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. Since the Americans were not used to blunt criticisms, he had a lot of issues dealing with both his fellow judges and the people who auditioned. In relation to that, Natalie Holt, a prominent musician, threw eggs at Cowell in Britain’s Got Talent as a protest for representing musicians who have been exploited in the music industry. Also, he was called “irresponsible and stupid” by a former Education Secretary Michael Gove, as he advised students to ditch schools as it was his secret to success. Mr. Gove was aggravated and disagreed with Cowell as he promoted hard work.


Constant criticisms and controversies are what Cowell eats for breakfast, but behind the tough act, Cowell has admitted to have undergone depression after his beloved mother died and has just recovered through the birth of his son, Eric. With the birth of his son and his partner, Lauren Silverman, Cowell cannot be happier. Getting a glimpse of Cowell’s life will show people the importance of having a determined outlook in life and a good attitude to boot. Knowing your capabilities and getting to know yourself will make you know your place in the whole structure of things. Being heartless and rude is not a must, but having a strong will definitely helps.


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